Omodos is one of the most beautiful villages in Cyprus it nestles in the southern foothills of the Troodos Mountains. At an altitude of 900 meters, Omodos is in the center of the famous wine-making region of the country and is only a 30-minute drive from Limassol town.

One can get acquainted with the real Omodos not only by entering its narrow, graphic alleys but also when walking through the village’s large, picturesque plaza. The plaza is also the place where the journeys of both foreign and local tourists end. In it, one can find the traditional coffee-houses and also many souvenir shops, recreation centers, and small taverns offered for a drink or even an enjoyable meal. Today’s increased interest of foreigners for Omodos lies exactly in the picturesque quality and the authenticity of its traditional character, elements that foreigners pursue and aspire to find in every place they visit. Omodos’s plaza, which is perhaps the largest in Cyprus, dates back to 1910, is very graphic, has a range of 3000 sq. m., and is paved. Until 1968 it was paved, just like all of the village’s alleys were. Unfortunately, however, this beauty was thoughtlessly covered with asphalt, though the asphalt was again removed around 1987 and the appropriate configuration of the plaza was done, changing it as it was before. It probably is unique, promoting both Omodos as well as Cyprus abroad.

The village is built around the Monastery of the Holy Cross which, according to records, dates back to the arrival of Saint Helena in Cyprus. The Monastery is home to a piece of the Holy Rope with which Christ’s hands were tied to the Cross.